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Setup new macOS


  1. Add Chinese input method, so tweak script would work
  2. Download Dropbox, find latest build from forum
  3. Install brew
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  4. essentials
    brew install aria2 aspell cmake colordiff coreutils sponge \
      dfc exa exiftool fd fish gawk git gnu-sed gnupg2 gopass htop \
      imagemagick ispell jpeg jq mycli ncdu openssl pcre pcre2 pgcli pv \
      python3 qpdf rsync the_silver_searcher rg tig tmux tree vim watch xz
    ## Universal Ctags (abbreviated as u-ctags) is a maintained implementation of ctags
    brew install --HEAD universal-ctags/universal-ctags/universal-ctags
    brew install --cask dozer itsycal iterm2 firefox hammerspoon \
      snipaste sublime-text tencent-lemon
    brew install --cask vlc v2rayu iina dropbox thunder wechat
  5. git clone [email protected]:dcai/.bin.git
  6. git clone [email protected]:dcai/etc.git
  7. bash ~/.bin/
  8. bash ~/.bin/
  9. itsycal, use datetime format: # d MMM H:mm #


  1. KeyboardModifier KeysCaps Lock to ESC
  2. AccessibilityPointer ControlMouse & TrackpadTrackpad OptionsEnable draggingwith drag lock
  3. change input sources short cut: ^ Ctrl + ␣ Space

Must have macOS apps

app store



Nice to have macOS apps

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