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copy and paste
  • <prefix> [: start copy
  • use h j k l to move
  • use V or v to start select
  • use r to toggle rectangle selection
  • Enter or y to copy
  • <prefix ]: paste
paste buffer
  • use capture-pane command to copy
  • use <prefix> ] to paste
  • <prefix> w: choose from list
  • <prefix> f: search for window
  • %: split side by side
  • ": up and down
  • <prefix> z: zoom and unzoom pane
  • <prefix> h: expanse to left by 88
  • <prefix> l: expanse to right by 88
  • <prefix> o: last pane
switch session
  • <prefix> (: prev session
  • <prefix> ): next session
  • <prefix> L: last session
  • <prefix> s: choose session
Choosing a prefix

Currently using c-q, doesn't seem to collide with others.

Bad options

  • c-a: obvious breaks emacs and bash in emacs mode
  • c-b: breaks vim (page up) and less
  • c-o: breaks vim again (go to old position)

Other options

  • c-space
  • c-\
  • c-`

available layouts, switch layouts with <prefix> [space]:

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