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  • -O, –remote-name: save the file with remote filename
  • -o, –no-remote-name: save the file as the name provided
  • -L, –location: follow 3xx redirect
  • -#, –progress-bar: show download progress
  • -X, –request: specify request method
  • -F, –form: multipart post
  • -f, –fail: Fail silently (no output at all) on server errors. This is mostly done to enable scripts etc to better deal with failed attempts.
  • -k, –insecure: ignore SSL certificate

automatically find out where/how to resume the transfer

curl -O -C -

post body from pipe

cat file.json | curl --request POST --data-binary @-

post form data

curl --request POST -F X=1

upload a file

curl -X POST -F '[email protected]'
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