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Macbook Air with M1 chip

I must confess that I had low expectation from apple's chip last year, so I bought a macbook pro (september 2020) not long before m1 laptop release, I'm mostly ok with the "pro", my biggest issue is the overheating when I do nothing more than watching youtube.

Then m1 laptop got released in november, the performance goes through the roof. I couldn't resist anymore, so I bought the base model macbook air m1 to replace the "pro", today it's finally delivered.

I followed my note here: setup new macos, it went so well, I was shocked intel based applications just worked out of box. I expected more issues with homebrew, but not really, only major change is updating path, running /opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv shows what you need to do. All packages I need have precompiled binaries, not even need to compile them.

I only use a few must-have gui applications, and they all work really well:

  • Chrome
  • iTerm 2
  • Dropbox
  • Hammerspoon
  • Itsycal

Some noticeable pros:

  • It's really cool and no fan!
  • battery life is amazing
  • no stupid touch bar
  • Instant on when open it
  • It runs iPhone apps O_O however not all apps are available
  • Connects to external monitor via type-c, and got charged, not sure if it's the same as intel one
  • My last Air was the 11 inch one, I always prefer Air's design, but had to choose pro for performance, now with M1 I don't have to compromise anymore

Issues I have so far:

  • Screen flickering after disconnecting from 4k monitor
  • only two type-c ports, all on left :(
  • Cannot connect to my brother printer (MFC-L2710DW) It's working now!
  • hammerspoon couldn't get screen names: issue & PR Fixed
  • only supports one external monitor
  • Fail to build some python packages, for example numpy
  • no homebrew pandoc binary for arm yet need to build from source, use x86 binary, it just works

I hope next macbook could be even more amazing.


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