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Converted to Emacs

25 Jan 2018

Emacs has become my main editor after being a die-hard vim user for more than 10 years.

The main drive is I have to use Windows 7 (I know, 7) as dev machine since I started a new job in an finance institution. With group policy, network filter and proxy in place, setting up gvim becomes very frustrating, I’m sure given enough time I would eventually have a comfortable gvim environment for Windows, but I always want to master emacs (secretly) and tried a few time in the past, this time I want to go all in.

A few thing emacs wins me over:

  1. evil is the best vim emulator I have ever seen, it’s so complete that I don’t feel any differences than regular vim, that’s how the conversion is even possible for me.
  2. orgmode is what attracts me to use emacs in the first place, I especially like clocking feature, I could easily track my work life and create timesheets, I know there are fancy SaaS webapps out there, but I wouldn’t bet on proprietary software, sunrise and Wunderlist have taught me enough.
  3. emacs lisp is a much better programming language than vim-script, fun to learn and make everything in emacs customizable.
  4. package.el and use-package, Emacs has builtin packages manager, it’s fairly easy to install plugins.

I will post more about my journal to learn Emacs :)

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