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Vim Q1 2018

08 Jan 2018

I wrote this post 1.5 years ago to log my vim config, a lot of things changed since then:

  1. vundle is out of picture because I found vim-plug, it’s super fast, installs plugins in parallel, and supports on-demand loading.
  2. syntastic was replaced by ale, it makes use of vim 8 job control feature and run the linters in the background.
  3. ctrlp and bufexplorer were replaced by fzf.vim, this plugin is awesome, it’s a wrapper around blazing fast fzf, it gives the ability to filter buffers/files/recent files, even color schemes, git commits and more.
  4. vim-plug and fzf are created by the same dev junegunn, he also creates vim-easy-align, it helps align code easily.
  5. If you haven’t learnt text objects, it’s time to read this article, and start to use this plugin: vim-textobj-user and its friends.
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