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OPPO Find X2 Pro

Unlock region

Install loopback network device

  • run hdwwiz
  • choose network adapters from add hardware wizard
  • choose microsoft, then Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter
  • open device manager, double click loopback adapter
  • in Advanced tab, update Network Address to 704D7B61ABCD
  • disable all other network adapters

now it's ready to unlock

  • use MTP mode
  • open Sec5.exe
  • click unlock in Sec5.exe
  • OK will be displayed on right panel and flicker a couple of times
  • dial *#3954391#
  • dail *#391#
  • choose desired region

[GUIDE] Switch software region to Upgrade to ColorOS 11 and enable Dual Sim.

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